Victory Day – December 16, 1971

Victory Day – December 16, 1971

Pakistan Army was completely defeated and they surrendered on December 16, 1971 in the historic Race Course ground in Dhaka (now Shurwardi Udyan) to the Indian Army and Bangladesh’s Defense forces. Bangladesh was liberated and become a new independent country.

Liberation War and Bangladesh’s Development – Dr. Ahmad Ahsan, Dec 17, 2018, Daily Star

Victory on the diplomatic front

The Pakistani military junta did not envisage that the action of the Bangalee diplomats and defections in rapid succession would put the army and the foreign ministry in a state of shock. The offensive of our diplomats was primarily centered in New Delhi, Calcutta, London, Washington and New York. The Bangalee diplomats were tasked with onerous and formidable responsibilities.



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