Bangabandhu Declares Independence

Bangabandhu Declares Independence

“This may be my last message. From today Bangladesh is independent. I call upon the people of Bangladesh wherever you are and with whatever you have, to resist the occupation army. Our fight will go on till the last soldier of the Pakistan Occupation Army is expelled from the soil of independent Bangladesh. Final victory is ours. Joy Bangla!”
Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman March 26, 1971
April 10, 1971 Proclamation of Independence by Bangladesh Constituent Assembly

We the elected representatives of the people of Bangladesh, as honour bound by the mandate given to us by the people of Bangladesh whose will is supreme duly constituted ourselves into a Constituent Assembly, and having held mutual consultations, and in order to ensure for the people of Bangladesh equality, human dignity and social justice,

Declare and constitute Bangladesh to be sovereign Peoples’ Republic and thereby confirm the declaration of independence already made by Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

Bangabandhu March 7, 1971 Historic Speech Independence message, Race Course, Dhaka, Bangladesh March 26, 1971 – In a message form, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman declared independence. The message is said to have been made available to EPR shortly after midnight of March 25 and it was duly broadcast through EPR radio communication system. Because the system was VHF frequency crystal controlled, not very many people did listen to the declaration. Bangabandhu on March 7th, 1971 historic speech in what was then the Race Course in Dhaka, said “Ebarer Songram amader muktir songram, Ebarer songram Shadintor songram”. In the early hours of March 26, 1971, after Pakistani Army started their massive crackdown on the Bangladeshi people (then East Pakistan), Bangabandhu declared Independence of Bangladesh. The First Government of Bangladesh and the fight to liberate Bangladesh, all ran under the leadership of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Tajuddin Ahmed, Syed Nazrul Islam, Captain Monsur Ali, A.H.M Kamruzzman led Bangladesh’s First Government as Bangabandhu was arrested by the Pakistan Army at the start of their military crackdown. To win a nation’s fight for freedom, political leadership, military participation and mass support of the population are needed, Bangladesh was lucky to have all three.

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